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Post by Namod on Fri Jan 09, 2015 10:02 pm

Former USAF enlisted as a pilot nanny.  Computer programming knowledge in C#,and Java but no degree.  I do have a degree in Computer networking (Cisco Academy) and Information System Security.  Long term member of and serving that wonderful veteran community as an NCO and PTSD councilperson.  You can find me in their TS, or on Skype with Miltor almost every night.

Games I play:
World of Tanks - Namod83 Namod01
StarCraft 2 - Joar
Payday 2 - rengland (steam)
Elite:Dangerous - Cmdr Namod
Star Trek Online - @Namod
TitanFall - Namod83 (Origin)
MechWarrior Online
Space Engineers
Wargame: Red Dragon
Marvel Heroes 2015


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